Divorce and Domestic Violence

I can still remember reading it, even though it was four years ago.

A survey by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) found that 1 out of every 4 women surveyed said they were violently attacked by their husbands or boyfriends.

Where is the church when it comes to the physical abuse of women?

Where are its leaders?

Sadly, they are largely silent; and when they do speak, they're often far from helpful.

But let's focus on the victims first.

The women themselves (and I've sadly had to come to the side of many as a pastor) feel guilty – as if what is happening is somehow their fault. It's not, of course. Never, ever, does any woman deserve to have their husband or boyfriend physically harm them in any form whatsoever.

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Daily Headline News

2015 Saw A Decrease In Religious Freedom Around The World, Says Annual Report

The global refugee crisis, political strife and economic dislocation all contributed to a worldwide deterioration of religious freedom in 2015 and an increase in "societal intolerance," according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. (Gjelten, NPR)


High school crowns first same-sex prom king and queen

Students at a Florida high school crowned a same-sex couple prom king and queen, a first in the school's 185-year-old history. The pair hopes it helps others by raising awareness about LGBTQ issues. (USA Today)


A university moved to fire a professor after he defended a student's right to debate gay marriage. Now he's suing.

A tenured professor and a legal institute are suing Marquette University, claiming a breach of contract for the suspension imposed after he publicly criticized an instructor for stifling debate in class. (Svrluga, The Washington Post)


Jamaica police seek motive in killing of 2 US missionaries

The men and their wives worked for a Pennsylvania-based religious organization called Teams for Medical Missions that has been in Jamaica since 1990. They did evangelism and Bible ministry, built homes and provided health care. (Associated Press/The Washington Post)


...watch Game of Thrones?

Is it okay for a Christian to...

smoke marijuana?
drink wine?
go to a gay wedding?
serve a gay wedding?
do yoga?
watch "Game of Thrones"?
watch anything rated "R"?
vote for a Democrat (or actually, vote for anyone this election)?
get a tattoo?
get cremated?
have plastic surgery?
buy a lottery ticket?
play the slots in Vegas?
not go to church?

In this eight week series, James Emery White tackles every single one of these issues. The answers may be surprising, even shocking; but what may be most challenging of all is how we can think biblically about each one. For many, thinking Christianly across the broad spectrum of life and culture is a completely new enterprise. Even then, we may find that thoughtful, committed Christians may disagree on how best to employ the biblical principles for their life.

This series will save you the google search as it dives into, "Is it okay for a Christian to..."

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