Rethinking Evangelism with C.S. Lewis

Picture an imaginary scale from 1 to 10.

On the left end of the scale, at the "1," we have someone who is completely divorced from a relationship with or knowledge of Christ.

On the other end of the scale, at the "10" mark, is that point in time when the spiritual journey of an individual results in coming to saving faith in and knowledge of Christ.

I know, this is a crude and overly simplistic scale, but let it try to illustrate a point.

Let's begin by using this scale to evaluate yesterday's typical unchurched person. Speaking in broad terms, where on the scale would such a person living in the United States in 1960 have been?

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Do you ever wish you could finally let go and be free from the shame that is weighing you down?

James Emery White will explore the differences between guilt and shame, and how we can move toward living an "Unashamed" life.

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