Meck's Secret Sauce

When people ask about Meck's growth, or ability to penetrate the unchurched, they are looking for a silver bullet. A single program, method, or approach that they can take, implement, and see similar results.


Here it is.

Our secret sauce.

We really are on mission.

We really are turned outward.

We really are after the unchurched.


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Daily Headline News

For Some in the N.B.A., Pregame Chapel Can Be a Spiritual Ankle-Taping

Some nights, he might find himself holding hands and praying with nearly a full N.B.A. squad. Whether or not anyone shows up, Andrew Lang has made it his duty for the past 14 years to be there, ready to help. (Keh, The New York Times)


Which is the world's happiest country?

The latest World Happiness Report reveals which countries have the happiest residents - and Britain is not even in the top 20. (Paris, The Telegraph)


Watch 5,000 Years of Religious History in 90 Seconds to See the Amazing Impact of Christian Missions

An animation map showing 5,000 years of religious history in 90 seconds shows the effect of Christian missions on the spread of Christianity. (Nazworth, The Christian Post)


Atheists Outnumber Southern Baptists in US Military

The role of faith in the military has been controversial in recent years. (Smietana, Christianity Today)


Why Believe in the Bible (Part 2)

Everyone bets their life on something. Some would bet that this life is all that there is, that they're at it alone and that we were all created by chance.

But still others bet that there is more to life than this and that there is a God on the loose.

So why believe? Why believe that there is a God? Why believe in the Bible? And why believe that there is only one belief that is true?

Join us as Senior Pastor Jim White uncovers why anyone would believe.


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