The Monday After Easter

[Editor’s Note: This blog was first published in 2012. It has received so much positive feedback that we have decided to offer it again.]

This is a blog with a very specific audience. I know it may exclude some of you, but it may be healthy for you to eavesdrop.
This is for all the church planters and their volunteers on post-Easter Monday, struggling to make it from week-to-week, as well as the leaders and members of established churches which are anything but “mega” – well below the 200 threshold in terms of average attendance.
I don’t know how Easter Sunday went for you, but I have a hunch. 
It was bigger than normal, but less than breakthrough. It was good, but not great. Your attendance was large, but not staggering; worth being happy about, but not writing home about. You are grateful to God, but now that Easter is over, there’s a bit of a letdown. You wanted so much more.
It was, in the end, a typical Easter Sunday.
And you are normal.
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Daily Headline News

Children 'no longer care' about winning or losing in sport

Research by the MCC and the Chance to Shine cricketing charity suggests that large numbers of schoolchildren no longer care if the competitive element is taken out of the sport. (Paton, The Telegraph)


Southern Baptist summit has frank talk on sex

The nation's culture war is over when it comes to homosexuality and same-sex marriage, Southern Baptist leaders said Monday, but now it's up to the church to stand firm on its principles despite what the majority believes. (Hall, USA Today)


What is considered morally acceptable around the world?

A recent survey, “Global Views on Morality,” by the Pew Research Center asked adults in different countries to give their views on abortion, sex between unmarried adults and homosexuality. (Tobey, The Washington Post)


America's Less Religious: Study Puts Some Blame On The Internet

A detailed data analysis finds the two trends (increase in Americans with no religious affiliation and the increase in Americans using the internet) aren't just related, but that wider Internet use may actually be leading us to lose our religion. (Hu, NPR)


Easter 2014

Have anything you'd like to change about your life? Beginning Easter weekend, Meck will explore the unique dynamics of how God interacts with human life in order to bring about change. "LifeChange" will begin with the idea that the very power that resurrected Jesus is available to "resurrect" our lives, too. Then the life of one of the most "changed" people in the Bible will serve as a road map of God's calling, God's interventions, and so much more. LifeChange moves the idea of change out of theory and possibility and into the world of experience. 



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